RUST: The un-invited guest in the OR and how to get rid of it.

Are you sick of seeing rust on casters in your OR? Ready to get rid of rust in the OR? We are, that is the reason for our new line of caster upgrades. Our sayno2rust casters are made of sturdy composite materials to keep the rust out of your OR. Just ask for the wheel upgrade on your next order! 

What causes this rust, and why does it matter? According to the Environmental Infection Protection Guide from the Joint Commission, choosing equipment that will not deteriorate or is an important part of infection prevention. Rust is a chemical reaction caused when steel breaks down from exposure to moisture, air, bacteria, or chemicals. Depending on the intensity of the exposure, it happens quickly or over a long time. Coating can delay this process. This is by protection such as nickel, zinc, paint, or epoxy, that are applied during the manufacturing process. However, once this coating is compromised, raw steel is exposed, and the rusting process will begin. There is a lot of bacteria, chemicals, and moisture in the medical environment to speed up the rusting process. Therefore, rust happens quickly in the operating room. Besides that, once equipment or casters rust, it can no longer be cleaned and sanitized properly, which is an infection control hazard in the Operating Room. That is why it is so important to keep your equipment inspected and up to date. 

Rust on casters and equipment is one item that will be reviewed during your JCAHO inspection. It will be easy for inspectors to spot, and you will get written up for it. This is easily remedied. Simply switch your facility over to our sayno2rust casters on all new equipment and this will be one item removed from your JCAHO headache. Get rid of rust in the OR, just ask for the upgrade on your next piece of equipment!

“Make it easy for yourself and your staff. Choose the sayno2rust casters for your new equipment”

Another question is, what does this rust cost and does it matter? The upgraded caster cost is a small percentage of the original equipment cost. This may be perceived as frivolous and left off capital budgets, as it does not affect the use of the product. This is true, however, if you end up with a JCAHO inspection and written up for rusty casters, what is that cost? We see many facilities spending large amounts of money on expedited freight charges to meet a JCAHO inspection deadline. Make it easy for yourself and your staff. Ask for the upgrade ahead of time. Choose the #sayno2rust casters on your next order! 

One argument is, they are plastic and will not last and break easier. In choosing material for the sayno2rust caster line, we have done extensive testing, which all shows that these composite casters meet or exceed the strength of steel casters. However, in the rare event you have an issue, you will find these casters much easier to replace than their predecessors. Simple use a pry tool and rubber mallet and you can snap the old one off and a new one on in minutes. We make it easy to get rid of rust in the OR.

Want to add the #sayno2rust casters to your next order? No problem. Simply add the following to your purchase order and your equipment will roll in style!  

Item #                   Description

CSTR-HMPR        SAYNO2RUST Caster Upgrade for Hampers

CSTR-TBLE           SAYNO2RUST Caster Upgrade for Instrument Tables

CSTR-TBLEBRK   SAYNO2RUST Caster with Brake Upgrade for Instrument Tables, 2 swivel, 2 locking

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