Wall Rack for EZ-Tranz Gold Transfer Boards

Constructed of stainless steel material for ease of cleaning and prevention of infection spread. Fits all sizes of EZTranz Gold transfer boards. Keeps boards clean and out of the way, yet in the spot you need them. Each rack holds one board. Mounting hardware not included due to varying substrates.

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Every medical facility performs lateral patient transfers on a daily basis.  There are many types of devices used to perform these transfers including patient slider boardspatient roller boards and our unique EZ-Tranz Gold Transfer RollBoard.  It is important these devices are kept clean and near the point of use, which is the purpose of this wall rack for patient transfer rollboards.

Lateral patient transfers occur for a variety of reasons including:

  • Elderly patients that find it difficult to walk or move about.
  • Patients with disabilities that impair their movement.
  • Patients that are under anesthetic a or unconscious.

The Wall Rack for EZ-Tranz Gold Transfer Boards is constructed of one piece of stainless steel formed in a unique configuration to minimize crevices and seams that harbor bacteria.  The construction also makes it easy to clean as well as standing up to years of harsh cleaners that are required in OR’s and other healthcare environments. Pair your EZ-Tranz Gold Transfer Board with this wall rack to enjoy a premium lateral patient transfer solution that will last for years to come.  This wall rack is a very inexpensive for of insurance on your Gold Rollboard.

It is very important to use safe patient transferring guidelines and to ensure you have adequate personnel to perform a transfer before you begin.  The patient transfer rollboard is our premium patient transfer device and is the easiest for staff to handle and the most comfortable for your patients.  Make sure you pair it with a Wall Rack for EZ-Tranz Gold Transfer Boards to ensure your investment is protected and that it is clean and ready for use whenever the need may arise.


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