Stainless Steel Roller Board Rack

  • Mounts easily on a wall or door for convenient storage of your patient transfer roller board up off the floor.
  • Will fit roller boards made by almost all manufacturers.
  • Stainless Steel construction.
  • Mounting hardware not included due to many different substrates.
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This Wall Rack for Roller Boards is a must have for your facility.  You are looking to invest in a device to help you transfer patients, with that device, you must have the following:

  • Keep it nearby:
    • Wherever you do patient transfers, when the time comes, you need your patient transfer aid and you need it now.  No one wants to search the entire unit to find it, in that event, you will either waste valuable time, or you will transfer without it.  Either way, this Wall Rack for Roller Boards is cheap insurance.  It will ensure you don’t waste time, and will also ensure that your staff does not risk injury by transferring without it.
  • Keep it clean:
      • As everyone knows, prevention of infection is a big priority in hospitals today.  Don’t let your patient transfer device be a vehicle to transfer bacteria.  Clean it after every use and have it off the floor, hanging on this Wall Rack to ensure it stays clean and ready for the next use.
  • Keep it safe:
      • Finally, keep it safe.  We all know how easy it is for things to get damaged when they are not cared for correctly.  They get jammed in a spot they don’t belong, get run over by a cart, or just get unnecessarily damaged by poor storage.  Ensure your investment lasts for many years by keeping it safely stored on this Wall Rack for Roller Boards.  Also, staff will notice when it is missing and ensure it gets returned to the correct storage location!

This Wall Rack does not include mounting hardware due to the varying substrates in facilities.

It consists of 2 pieces (Upper piece measures 7 1/4″ wide x 2″ high, lower is 9″ Wide x 1″ high, and sticks out from the wall 1 5/8″).

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