Malleable Anesthesia Screen

Our malleable anesthesia screens mold and shape easily for OR, emergency and cardiac cath procedures. The Sturdy yet flexible 60″ steel material is coated in pliable black urethane to allow infinite drape positioning.

  • Conforms to any shape desired.
  • 5/8: diameter mounting post fits standard clark socket(sold seperately).
  • Very durable.
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An adjustable anesthesia screen is a great addition to any operating room suite.  The anesthetist has one of the most important jobs during a surgical case, to monitor the vital signs of a patient.  It is integral to the success of the procedure that they have the best tools available.  Keeping their tools in great working condition is important to any facility who wants the best patient outcomes.

Our malleable adjustable anesthesia screen molds and shapes easily for any operating room(OR), emergency room and cardiac cath lab procedures. The sturdy yet flexible 60″ steel material is coated in pliable black urethane to allow infinite drape positioning. The adjustable anesthesia screen allow tubes and lines to be run over the patient without interference. One piece moldable design easily fit into side rail clamps. These screens are intended to separate the anesthesia field from the surgical site to reduce the risk of contamination from the surgical site. The adjustable frame is used to accommodate a sheet that can be suspended anywhere along the length of the patient’s body.

The MCM106 fits virtually any table with a standard clark socket, or any other table clamp that accepts a 5/8″ round accessory.

MCM106 adjustable anesthesia screen comes with no integral clamps and has round posts that fit into any standard clamp that accepts round posts.

  • Malleable Adjustable Anesthesia Screen
  • Infinite positions to allow tubing and lines to pass through and around.
  • Reusable and durable design will last for a long time
  • 60″ coated flexible steel frame easily supports a drape
  • Clamps onto most operating tables with any rail clamp that accepts 5/8″ round accessories

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