Bariatric OR Table Width Extenders

It’s no secret the patient population is getting larger. These OR Table Width Extenders will add up to 16″ to the width of your OR Table!

  • Equipped with integral “posi-lock” rail clamps and aluminum side rail so you can still use the needed accessories.
  • Adds 8″ to each side of the OR Table. Can be used as a pair or individually.
  • Lock securely to existing siderail.
  • Quick set-up with no additional equipment needed or parts to get lost.
  • Pad sold separately to accommodate various thicknesses of table pads.
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The bariatric patient population in healthcare facilities has seen a significant increase in recent years. These individuals, often facing obesity-related health challenges, require specialized care and accommodations. Healthcare facilities are adapting to meet their unique needs by investing in specialized equipment, especially in the OR. Most OR Tables are 24-26″ wide, which is not wide enough for these patients. Our Bariatric OR Table Width Extenders offer a solution by providing an additional width of up to 16″ for your OR Table. This will help support the bariatric patient population in your facility.

According to the National Institutes of Health Library of Medicine, the US has one of the greatest levels of obesity in the world. This is an alarming trend, so we must be aware and ready to care for these patients in our healthcare facilities. The Bariatric OR Table Width Extender is an easy and inexpensive way to help your OR be prepared for this.

These extenders are designed with built-in “posi-lock” rail clamps and aluminum side rails, allowing you to conveniently use necessary accessories without any hindrance. Each extender adds 8″ to both sides of the OR Table and can be utilized individually or as a pair. They can also be used in tandem with the standard size OR Table Width Extenders.

Rest assured, these extenders lock securely to the existing siderail, ensuring stability and safety during procedures. They offer quick and easy setup for your convenience.

Please note that the pad is sold separately, allowing you to customize your setup for various thicknesses of table pads.

As you look to accommodate the bariatric patients in your OR, these width extenders will allow you to do so safely, without adding large capital equipment purchases. Use your existing equipment and care for a wider range of patient BMIs safely. Look no further for the Bariatric OR Table Width Extenders for your facility!


8" x 20" Bariatric Width Extender, 8" x 20" Pad Only

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