Sponge Receptacle

Fitted with a Large Flat Basin makes it easier for sponge counting and identification than a large bucket such as the kick bucket. Removable basin makes waste removal and cleaning easy.

  • Durable Stainless steel frame.
  • Continous rubber bumper to protect walls.
  • 2″ swivel neoprene casters.
  • Removable 8.5 Quart Basin.
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The sponge receptacle may be a small, and seemingly unimportant part in a surgical procedure. However, that is not the case. The sponge receptacle is a stainless steel medical receptacle on wheels. The term sponge receptacle is similar to a kick bucket, which is because it is made to do just that, get scooted around the operating room with the surgical tech’s feet, or ‘kicked’. Think of it as a medical soccer ball in the OR that literally keeps ‘score’! Mostly it is used to collect sponges and other waste from surgery, however at the end of the procedure, an operating room nurse or technician counts all those sponges, and they must be accounted for.

These sponge receptacles come with 2” neoprene non-marking casters that grip even wet slippery surfaces like the Operating Room can become.

The red rubber perimeter bumper protects the walls and other equipment in the OR from getting damaged.

Fitted with a 8.5 Quart removeable fully stainless steel basin ensures easy removal of waste. The rubber bumpers hold the bucket securely in place and ensure it rolls quietly around the operating room.

The gusset on the under side ensures the sponge receptacle frame will support the basin, even if a lot of weight is placed on or in the basin.

Like all our products, the sponge receptacle is backed by our 2-year manufacturers limited warranty.

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Sponge Receptacle w/Frame, 8.5 Quart Stainless Steel Basin Only

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