Hand Sanitizer

Refill Hand Sanitizer bottles for the hand Sanitizer Stand.

  • 70% alcohol base hand sanitizer made according to the FDA regulations.
  • Available in either liquid or gel form.
  • Made in USA!

Hand Sanitizer is in extremely high demand since the outbreak of COVID-19.  Americans are using quantities of hand sanitizer that are staggering.  Use of hand sanitizer helps slow the spread of bacteria and is recommended as an alternative to washing hands when that is not available.

Both types of Hand Sanitizer we stock are made in the USA.  No waiting on defective product to come from out of country.  This product is made right here in America!


Gel Hand Sanitizer, 1 Gallon Jug, 6 per case, Liquid Hand Sanitizer, 1 gallon jug, 4 per case

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