Hand Sanitizer Stand

As the country reopens, facilities and public places are looking for permanent solutions for hand sanitizer.  The small bottle of hand sanitizer you purchase off the shelf and put on a table by the entrance is no longer going to cut it.  They need a permanent solution that is:

  • Safe and Secure – Easy spot to add a lock to secure your hand sanitizer!
  • Easy to refill –  Designed for 1 gallon jugs of hand sanitizer.  Less refills and more capacity
  • Low cost – This hand sanitizer stand is very economical.
  • Requires no power or batteries.
  • No specialty refills needed.

This stand ticks all the boxes.  Reach out today to get your info and start selling to your customers.  Available as starter kits including everything you need to get started!

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Hand sanitization at the door of every public facility or business is going to be a requirement from now on.  This is not going to go away.  So the question is:

  • What is the easiest way to manage it, keep it full and clean?
  • What will the cost of ownership be?
  • How can we minimize the foot print and what will be the needs for space?

This Hand Sanitizer Stand can do it all very well for you.

  • It has a large capacity 1 gallon jug.   This is self contained and can be slid out when empty and another slid in. This will lead to minimum refills as well as keeping the stand clean and full.  Not messy pouring of hand sanitizer or small packets that can burst or spill.
  • It is very economical.  The stand is simple, inexpensive and has no wearable parts.  No batteries to replace or charge.  It is constructed of steel so is also very durable.  There is no costly custom refills that are hard to find.  It just takes a simple 1 gallon jug with a pump which can be transferred to a new jug.
  • The foot print is very small.  can easily be tucked in most entries and requires no mounting or screwing.  Heavy enough that someone can’t pick it up and walk off with it.  Also can be padlocked to protect your hand sanitizer!

Hand Sanitizer Refills are available in either gel or liquid form.   This is here to stay and every business is going to need to be compliant.  What is your plan?

The Hand Sanitizer Stand can be purchased as a starter kit with everything you need to get your location up and going!  Give us a call to get one more thing off your to-do list and move on to more important things!

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