Height Adjustable Radioluscent Armboard

  • Simple sleek design
  • Securely locks to operating room rail with simple spin of knob
  • Height adjustable to easily accommodate all thicknesses of table pads
  • Easy 180 degree rotation
  • No interference during C-arm imaging and X-ray procedures
  • Armboard is made of 3/8″ thick black phenolic and weighs a slim 4.5 pounds
  • Pad sold separately, Item # MCM416
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Introducing the Radiolucent Armboard, a longstanding and reliable design in the industry, ideal for any operating table requiring an armboard attachment. Compatible with all US-made operating table side rails, this armboard offers versatility and ease of use.

Manufacturers including:

  • Armboard for Amsco / Steris operating table
  • Armboard for Skytron operating table
  • Armboard for Stryker operating table
  • Armboard for Amtai operating table
  • Armboard for Berchtold operating table
  • Armboard for Mizuno | OSI operating table
  • Any other Operating Tables with 1-1/8″ x 3/8″ Side Rail

Attaching the Radiolucent Armboard is straightforward: simply slide the clamp lip over the top of the OR table side rail and lower it into position. Secure by tightening the knob underneath the clamp to ensure stability. Adjustments for rotation and height are easily managed by loosening the long handle clamp on the main armboard portion, then tightening it securely once positioned.

The Armboard is constructed of durable 3/8″ thick phenolic, similar to the surfaces of OR Tables.  This ensures that the arm board is durable and remains rigid without any further support. This Armboard is radiolucent from the clamp to the end of the armboard.  Nurses will love positioning this arm board in a configuration that works for them.

Every arm board needs a pad that is compatible.  This pad is sold separately. For this armboard, the pad you choose is not critical as you are able to adjust the armboard to match the height of you OR Table pad. We recommend a standard 2” Armboard Pad for this product.

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The Radiolucent Armboard is a great choice for situations where you need to C-arm through the armboard. The height adjustable feature is just another way this armboard is very versatile. Order today to get an armboard that will make your job easier.  Simply add to your quote cart and submit the request, you should hear from our rep shortly!

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