Drop-Latch Style Armboard

This tried and proven armboard design is a great fit wherever you need an armboard.  Easily attaches to an US made operating table side rail.

  • Armboard drops onto rail and locks by means of a weighted trigger lock.
  • Armboard releases off rail by simply holding trigger lock up and lifting on the outer end of board.
  • Finger latch trigger on outer end of board allowing for 180 degree rotation
  • Durable steel casting for longevity
  • Armboard is made of 3/8″ thick black phenolic and weighs a slim 4.5 pounds
  • Pad sold separately
  • Available in 24″ or 26″ long sizes.
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The Drop-Latch Style Armboard is a tried and proven armboard design that has been in the industry for many years.  Anywhere you need an armboard for your operating table, this is a great option.  Fits any US Made Operating table side rail.

Manufacturers including:

  • Armboard for Amsco / Steris operating table
  • Armboard for Skytron operating table
  • Armboard for Stryker operating table
  • Armboard for Amtai operating table
  • Armboard for Berchtold operating table
  • Armboard for Mizuno | OSI operating table
  • Any other Operating Tables with 1-1/8″ x 3/8″ Side Rail

To attach the Drop-Latch Style Armboard to the table side rail, simply lift the lock on the lower side, slide over the top of rail, release the lock and your armboard is mounted.  There is a trigger on the outer end of the board to adjust position.  To adjust position, simply squeeze the trigger and rotate into desired position, release the trigger and ensure the lever is secured. This allows for infinite positioning options and various configurations.

The Armboard is constructed of durable 3/8″ thick phenolic, similar to the surfaces of OR Tables.  This ensures that the arm board is durable and remains rigid without any further support.  Nurses will love positioning this arm board in a configuration that works for them.

Every arm board needs a pad that is compatible.  This pad is sold separately.  It is important to remember that the armboard is mounted to the tables side rail, so the thickness of the pad on the armboard should match the thickness of the pad on the OR Table.  For example, if the pad is 2″ thick on the operating table, ensure that the pad on the armboard is 2″ thick.  You will also need to account for x-ray tops if your table has them.

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The Drop-Latch Style Armboard is very popular and is available in either a 26″ long or 24″ long size. Order today to get an armboard that will make your job easier.  Simply add to your quote cart and submit the request, you should hear from our rep shortly!

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24" Armboard, 26" Armboard

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