4 Steps to choosing the right Mayo Stand

surgical instruments on mayo stand

Are all Mayo Stands alike? No, they vary in types, sizes, and materials. Mayo stands serve different purposes in medical facilities, each offering unique benefits tailored to specific areas. When selecting mayo stands for your facility, ensure you acquire what is necessary without unnecessary expenses. This concise guide will assist you in choosing the right mayo stands:

Usage Locations:

  • Clinical Care
  • Doctors’ Offices/Procedure Rooms
  • Operating Rooms

Tray Size Requirements:

Determine the number of instruments used.

Base Mobility:

Consider the type of mobility required on the base.

Adjustable Height:

Determine if the Mayo Stand’s height needs adjustment during procedures.

Where will the mayo stand be used?

The material allowed for the mayo stand is directly influenced by its usage location. In a doctor’s office or clinical setting, a chrome mayo stand is sufficient. However, there are stainless steel versions available at a slightly higher cost that offer increased durability. An excellent example is our knob-control mayo stand, available in two sizes, ideal for clinical areas or low-volume operating rooms where a stainless steel stand is necessary, but cost savings are important. In operating rooms, where environmental demands and cleaning procedures are rigorous, stainless steel is a necessity. For this setting, we recommend either our foot control mayo stand or thumb control mayo stand..

What size tray is needed?

There are a wide variety of sizes available in mayo stands. Mid Central medical offers 4 common sizes of trays that fit most needs in medical facilities.

  1. 12 x 19 – a small tray for light procedures where 3-5 tools are needed. Also great for areas where space is tight. This size is available in foot control, thumb control, or know b control. A great fit for doctors offices.
  2. 16 x 21 – a medium suize tray and alsot our most popular. This is a great size for most procedures and is the most widely used size in mayo stand. Great for procedures where 5-10 instruments will be needed near the surgical site. This size is available in knob control, thumb control, and foot control models.
  3. 20 x 25 – a large mayo stand great for those in depth procedures that require a large number of instruments to be prepped near the surgical site. A great fit for ortho cases. Available in foot control model only.
  4. 30 x 26 – our extra large mayo stand for those huge procedures or where a table is needed near the surgical site.Top tray does not remove due to the size and base will not fit under standard OR table bases.However a great fit for those very large cases that require a large volume of heavy equipment to be near the surgical site.Great for ortho, spine, and cardiac cases.

What base style is needed?

  1. Roll and stay base -The most common mayo stand base style.Rolls on two casters and sets down on legs that are flat on the floor.Slides under the base of most OR tables. Can also be called a sled base.
  2. Mobile base -Rolls on 4 casters at all times.Feet do not fit under base of most OR Tables but a great added feature depending on your preference.
  3. Large mobile base – Our large mayo/vetnric stand has a T-base with locking casters to support the large top size.Does not fit under most OR table bases.

Does the stand need to be adjust during procedure?

Mid central medical has several different ways to adjust the height of mayo stands.Some can be adjusted during procedure and others are more difficult to adjust during the procedure.

  1. Knob control – height is adjusted with a friction thumb knob mostly before procedure.Knob is under the sterile drape when stand is draped.
  2. Thumb control – Easily adjusts in height with a thumbe know that can be adjusted from anyside of the OR table without compromising the sterile drape.
  3. Foot control – easily sdjusts at any time with foot pedal.Sterile nurse can used the foot pedal and steady with hands on the tray.
  4. Crank control – Adjusts in height with a hand crank.Crank is under sterile drape so a little difficult to adjust during procedure.Only available on our large size mayo stand.

This buying guide is simply a guide to help choose the correct mayo stand for your facility.For more help in choosing the correct stand. Contact Mid Central Medical to have one of our trained staff identify what is best for your facility.

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