Product Distributors are the foundation of our business at Mid Central Medical. We are always looking for Distributors who are ready to move forward, advance and grow their business. Helping you do that is our #1 priority. That is the reason for our “improving life” motto.

As our sales manager Don Seed says:
“Everyone in every relationship has to succeed and that is what drives us at Mid Central Medical.”

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If you would like to locate a Distributor for Mid Central Medical products, just fill out the form below and we will promptly respond. 

Customer Service <2 Hours

On a survey sent out to our customers, we found that everyone likes quick responses. When they ask a question, they expect a response. By examining our system, we at Mid Central Medical have guaranteed every request to be replied to in less than 2 hours, many are answered within 20 minutes. We understand that in the medical industry you have to be fast. Waiting is death. We have built that same level of service into our entire company. When you reach out to us, we take care of you.

Stocked For You <24 Ship

We recently conducted a survey to see what question we were most often asked. We came up with the most common question being: ‘When will it ship?’ or ‘Can you deliver that tomorrow?’ As a team we sat down and reviewed how we could take care of that issue for our customers. This is how our <24ship program was born. We prepared a list of our best selling items that are in stock and ready to ship, guaranteed, every time. We have taken internal steps in our company to make sure that this is maintained, no matter what else happens. This brings certainty to our customers that we have it ready to ship and improves the result for the medical professional. You have what you need when you need it!

Healthcare Guarantee MedAssured

The healthcare industry requires a special standard for equipment. Many items may look equivalent but if they are not manufactured to medical standards, they will fail during use. Mid Central Medical has been manufacturing medical equipment for over 20 years and we have developed a standard that is tailored exclusively to the healthcare market.

Our designs:

  • Minimize retention of fluids that can carry harmful bacteria.
  • Include smooth edges that must pass the “glove test”.
  • Must pass our MedAssured inspection before leaving our facility.

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