Why Ship In 24 Hours Or Less?

Mid Central Medical has a program that guarantees any products that are in the program to be shipped in 24 hours or less. Derived from requests from our customers and the need to meet the demands of the healthcare market. Our products are used by professionals responsible for patients’ lives and we want to support them in any way we can. By offering this service, we are helping do our part to improve lives.

You may wonder how this improves your experience as a distributor of Mid Central Medical products. Below are some of the benefits and how this program can improve your life, the lives of your employees, your customers life and ultimately the life of the patient. So, let’s start with the patient:

The Patient

America prides themselves in having the best available healthcare in the world. Patients trust their health to doctors and nurses and confide in them to keep their health in the best condition possible. Doctors and nurses invest a lot of time in learning and gaining knowledge about their occupations. A large part of this is having at their disposal the correct tools to perform their duties. That is where Mid Central Medical helps. We provide equipment to hospitals quick so they can continue to offer great quality of care to their patients. It may be a life-threatening surgery they need a table to help perform, or a JCAHO regulation they need the correct equipment to keep their facility accredited. Whatever the situation, Mid Central Medical can deliver and help professionals support the quality of care that patients expect.

The Healthcare Professional

Healthcare professionals are an elite class of people. They have devoted their lives to helping patients maintain great health. Healthcare professionals are a group of people in high demand as there is a shortage of them. We pledge to provide them with the tools they need and when they need them.

‘What good does a tire wrench do if it arrives after the spare tire is mounted and you skinned your knuckle because you didn’t have the correct tool when you needed it? The damage is done.’

We do not want that to happen to our healthcare professionals. By providing the correct equipment to them when they need it, we believe we can help improve their lives.

Sales People and Other Staff

Confidence, that is the main thing we give to sales reps and customer service reps. They can depend on Mid Central Medical to provide so they can promise it to their client. Once the order is placed, we confirm it, and they know it will ship when we say it will. No following up with the supplier to see if the order was received and when it will ship, etc. They are instead focusing on the next order and taking care of their customer. More sales and more people served. Improving everyone’s life.

The Health of Your Business

There are several key benefits to your company. Happier employees because they are more effective. Orders that have not been fulfilled can not be invoiced so your customer will not pay you. The sooner the process starts the sooner you receive the payment, enhancing your cash flow. This works together to increase your bottom line so you can earn a living and keep your business going. That is what we go to work every day to accomplish!

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