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- Understanding various uses for Stainless Steel Tables

Posted on 2018-09-30T00:00:00 by Trevor Kneeshaw
  • Tables are used in every department and nearly every room of medical facilities around the world. Before jumping to conclusions about what you need, it is very important to understand what you are using the table for.  Just because you had a certain style previously, it doesn't meant there is not something better suited to your needs on the market today.  This short guide below will help provide clarity around what is needed to meet your needs. 

1. What is the primary use of the table?

    • - Transporting items
      • A cart is recommended with a handle for ease of transport.
    • - Using as a work surface for long periods of time.
      • A work table that is sturdier and a little taller to make it easier to stand at for long periods of time.
    • - A place to lay items out for display or to have ready if needed.
    • - A place to store instruments close to the surgical site.


    2. What is the size and weight of the items are you putting on the table?

    • Very small instruments and tools
      • Just a standard flat top table with no back splash, guardrail, or lip works great.
    • Large bulky items
      • Adding a guardrail to the table is strongly recommended.
    • Transporting various items
      • A lip up on top and shelf as in a cart style is a good option.


    3. Do you need more storage below the table top?

    • No
      • An H-brace Table is great
    • Yes
      • A lower shelf is recommended.
    • Definitely! as much as we can possibly get!
      • Multiple shelves can be added.
      • Stainless steel drawers can be mounted under any table top.
      • Plastic bins can be added under the top or shelf of any table.


    4. Is the table to be stationary, mobile, or a combination of both?

    • Leg Levelers can be added to create a stationary table.
    • Locking casters come standard on some tables but can be added to any table.
  • Cart Style

  • This cart style is great for transporting items. It has a handle at one end to make it easy to push and control during transport. It is constructed of stainless steel and can be easily customized to meet your needs.
    • Choose your size. There are stock sizes available, but make sure you get a size that works for your customer.
    • Choose your shelves. Available with 2+ shelves to meet your needs. 3 is the most common but you can add up to ten! This quantity would obviously increase the height.
    • All shelves have a 1" lip on back and sides and a 1" lip down on the front to make it easy to load.

    Work Table Style

    This is a heavy duty 14 gauge table with 1.5" legs. This table is built for working at for long periods of time and doing intricate work where an easy to clean and sterile work space is needed. 35" height is very close to the standard height of a counter. Also the heavier duty construction makes it more stable and there is less deflection of the table top. A great fit for Central Sterile, Laboratory, Pharmacy or any other location a stainless steel work table is needed.

    A myriad of sizes available from 16 x 20 up to 36 x 96!!

    • Available with:
      • Lower Shelf
      • H-brace
      • Casters(4" heavy duty with 2 locking)
      • Leg levelers for stationary applications.
  • Instrument Table Style

  • This is a great sturdy table designed to be used as a back table in the OR during a case. With 16 gauge top and 1" square legs it is a great fit for that application.

    • Many standard sizes available and custom sizes upon request.
    • Can be either h-brace or with a lower shelf
    • 3" casters are standard, locking casters available upon request.

    H-brace design makes it easy to work around the legs of other items

    Nested tables are a great fit for locations where a few tables are needed for a case, but not a lot of storage room is available. Can be ordered as a set or pick out your own size combination.

    Utility/Prep Table Style

    • Standard size is 16 x 20
    • Available with 1,2,3, or 4 drawers
    • Guardrail comes standard.
  • Over bed Adjustable Height Table Style

    This table is designed specifically for use during surgery. Designed to straddle the OR table and hold instruments close to surgery site. Adjusts in height from 36" to 56" to account for varying procedures. Can be operated from either side of table. Hand crank removes and hangs inside leg.

    • Now available in 5 different sizes.
  • Guardrail options

    If your customer needs to hold bulky items or machines such as a refrigerator or warmer, on a table top, a guardrail is a great option. It keeps items from falling of the top but it is still easy to clean. Guardrails can be added to any table. You can specify one, two or three sided guardrails. These rails are welded on at the factory and are constructed of 5/16" round solid stainless steel bar. No further assembly required.

    Drawer and bin options 

    Do you need an extreme amount of storage? Stainless steel drawers can be added below the top or shelf of any table. Choose your quantity and placement to get the storage you need.

    Plastic bins are another storage option. They can be removed completely from the table and taken to another location. Because they are all plastic and remove completely, they are very easy to clean and disinfect. Available in 4", 6", 8" and 10" depths.

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